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  Jihad Al-Kuffar: a book of fiction and history

In Jihad Al-Kuffar you will find a large number of references, as well as a compelling account of recent events that changed the lives of many people around the world.

Most references are web pages, which give immediate access to more detailed information. Of course, there is a "cost" to be paid: web pages can suddenly disappear—and some of them were not available even before printing the book.

However, the author is still convinced that his choice is fully consistent with today's reality, since more and more people browse through the web to satisfy any interest. No doubt, caution is needed, because anyone can post a lot of nonsense on his website. Nonetheless, when sources are carefully checked, it is possible to find excellent articles on any topic: not only gossip or fashion or entertainment, but even detailed documentation and stimulating papers on all subjects of science and technology.

Every web page that is quoted in Jihad Al-Kuffar was downloaded by the author, who still has a copy of the material published on the Internet.
If a reference is no more available and you are interested in the original document, we will be glad to help you.

Just send an email to the address:

Citations (taken from websites and newspapers) include statements by Mullah Omar and Mahmud Ahmadinejad, by Bashar al-Assad and Yasser Arafat, by John Paul II and Rowan Douglas Williams, by Gamal Abd el-Nasser and Jimmy Carter. And many more.

As for the image on the front cover, it represents an artistic interpretation of what happened in Manhattan, NY (September 11, 2001) and Mumbai, India (November 26, 2008).


In this site, we only focus on five specific issues:

1. Meaning of the words
jihad al-kuffar, as explained on some Islamic-oriented websites

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Information about the image on the front cover of
Jihad Al-Kuffar

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. Koran Verses quoted in Jihad Al-Kuffar

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4. Provisions of the United Nations Resolutions mentioned in Jihad Al-Kuffar

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5. Excerpt from the Hamas Covenant quoted in Jihad Al-Kuffar

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