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The title of the book, Jihad Al-Kuffar, was chosen some time ago, when the author, by pure chance, came across a brief comment about the meaning of the words jihad al-kuffar. This comment (together with further information on the concept of jihad) should be easily found by browsing through the web. For instance, in March 2015 it was available on the web page


In October 2011 it was also available on the web page



The original text reads:

Jihad against the disbelievers (jihad al-kuffar)
This is be physically fighting them under a righteous Muslim Khalifa
either by direct participation in combat or by donations of wealth
or other methods of supporting the struggle - including ideological struggle.
This is the greatest jihad.
The Prophet (sas) said:
"Fight the polytheists with your property, your lives and your tongues."
Allah mentions the greatness of fighting in the path of Allah in very many places in the Qur'an.
Generally, these are all references to this type of Jihad.


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