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  Jihad Al-Kuffar: a book that predicted the future
Dear Guest, welcome to this site.
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hank you very much for your visit.

We ho
you can stay with us for a while. However, before you proceed, we would like to inform you that our purpose is to present a fictional book, Jihad Al-Kuffar, which blends spy games and historical events. Thus, if you were directed to this page while looking for information about doctrinal matters, there might have been a mistake: here, no one has competence or expertise in that subject. Should you have no interest in the book or its topics, you can simply click on the PageBack button of your browser.
Instead, if you have chosen this website on purpose, you might already be informed that Jihad Al-Kuffar means Jihad against the disbelievers: a title that was chosen because the book is the alleged diary of a radical militant engaged in an all-out war against any people who do not share his beliefs. As often happens in the presence of extremist religious views, not only is this militant eager to fight the infidels, but he is also convinced about doing good to all human beings. In a word, he aims to remove any obstacle that sets limits to their freedom and does not allow them to know his truth.


If you would like to learn more about Jihad Al-Kuffar, you just need to browse through this site and we will be grateful for your interest—whatever your race, whatever your language, whatever your nationality, whatever your faith.


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